Perun HCI system

Water-circulating Thermal Turbine

Perun HCI System

Revolutionary innovation Quantumphysical phenomenon for heating

Water-circulating Thermal Turbine

PERUN HCI Integrated 7,5kW

The PERUN® HCI. family

Water-circulating Thermal Turbines

Experiments were performed in the 1980s and 1990s in connection with utilization of cavitation as an effect, to produce hot water or steam. Studies, articles, patents and inventions prooved, the result is always the same:  owing to destructive effect of cavitation there shouldn’t be stable equipment for everyday use.  To solve this technical problem, we developed.

PERUN® HCI. JPA-01/B és JPA-01/C Water-circulating Thermal Turbine

The PERUN® HCI. Water-circulating Thermal Turbine through the water-circulation utilizes heat which comes from the process of cavitation. To control the process, control unit of PERUN® HCI. guarantees the regularized cavitation and the needed heat, and protects the equipment from overheating at the same time. With help of electrical control unit the necessary voltage is tenable the current consumption of generating electro-motor.


Cavitation is a physical phenomenon, which occurs when a liquid-base material gets through gas phase, suddenly, because of drop of pressure. If the speed of liquid grows suddenly, then according to the rule of conservation of energy the pressure will drop. (Bernoulli’s first law).

Cavitation effect

When the nascent steam bubble reaches a place along the flow where the pressure is bigger than the local heat of saturated steam, the bubble suddenly crashes, which causes energy-release. The phenomenon of cavitation is already utilized by the industry, as the nascent extreme energy carries notable market opportunies (heating, cleaning, etc.).

The goal of our innovation is a cavitation unit, which can produce huge amount of energy (heating, domestic hot water) during its work, in a more economic way than the other heating systems.

The PERUN® HCI. Water-circulating Thermal Turbine utilizes the heat of cavitation.

Functional scheme:


As it’s evident from the functional scheme, the mainstream of development is the extension of renewable energies. Products of PERUN® HCI. family support and cooperate systems which run on renewable energies (sun, wind), and by this they configures a system, which helps the users to minimalize their costs.

New member of PERUN® HCI. family, the PERUN HCI Integrated 7,5kW:

PERUN HCI Integrated 7,5kW

As a result of persistent development, we prouldy present the PERUN HCI Integrated 7,5kW. The new product significantly reduces the tasks and costs of installation, because of its integrated components. The most important part is its unified controlling unit.


There can be a system builded from the equipments, up to four units with one controlling unit.

Controlling unit

Operating units of the equipment are clear and easily manageable.

The main unit is the thermostat. The two dedicated thermostates (4), ion thermostat (with ionisation electrodes), and (5) boiler thermostat (with submersible electrode), equipment is shipped with one of them (optional).

Service box (1) is the operating unit of starting and stopping the machine, implicitly.

Overheating display (3) and security thermostat are for security alarms and emergency shutdown.

The inner temperature and pressure values of boiler are apparent on the (6) device.

The intergrated family of PERUN® HCI. is broaden.  One of them are working with 5,5kW electro-engine, and an integrated equipment with 22kW electro-engine will be available soon.